[US Warehouse] PULUZ Housing Shell CNC Aluminum Alloy Protective Cage with Insurance Frame & 52mm UV Lens for GoPro HERO8 Black

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1. Made of high quality CNC aluminum alloy material.
2. Good cooling performance, prevent camera from crash caused by overheating.
3. CNC metal injection molded, stable deformation, for aerial photography, you will not worry about the impact of the wind
4. A fixed seat, easy to install.
5. 1/4 inch screw hole, compatible with any tripod.
6. Can mount UV lens, filter lens, polarizing lens of diameter 52mm.
7. Note: The camera is not included.

Package List
1. Protective Cage x 1
2. Lanyard x 1
3. UV Lens Filter x 1
4. Screw x 1
5. Lens Cap x 1
6. Hot Shoe Mount x 1
7. Base Adapter x 1
8. Small Screws x 2
9. Color Package Box x 1

Compatible with
Gopro:  HERO8 Black
Package Include
Package Contents Protective Cage x 1
Lanyard x 1
Base Adapter x 1
UV Lens Filter x 1
Small Screws x 2
Screw x 1
Lens Cap x 1
Hot Shoe Mount x 1
Color Package Box x 1
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.18kgs / 0.40lb
Qty per Carton 80
Carton Weight 10.20kgs / 22.49lb
Carton Size 47cm * 32cm * 32cm / 18.5inch * 12.6inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 554 cartons * 80 pcs = 44320 pcs
40HQ: 1286 cartons * 80 pcs = 102880 pcs

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