TF-YJD2 2 PCS Yoga Elastic Band Fitness Resistance Stretch Band 9-Stage Yoga Training Band

Specification : Blue
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1. It is easy to carry and can be trained at any time. Lightweight, you can take it anywhere
2. It has nothing to do with gravity and can rotate freely. The resistance comes from the extension of the elastic band instead of the gravity of the earth, and it is more free and varied during training
3. There is no inertia, no motivation, no leverage. Since the provided resistance has nothing to do with gravity, you cannot use force during training, and the training effect on the target muscle is better
4. Can imitate daily actions and improve functionality. Elastic band training can be carried out in any posture and any plane, with stronger functionality
5. Soft and comfortable to touch, durable, breathable, wear-resistant and tear-resistant

1. Material: nylon + latex silk
2. Number of segments: 9
3. Weight: 61g
4. Craft: Jacquard craft
5. Size: 100x3.5x0.15cm
6. Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, fitness and body
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