Sports Invisible Inner Heightening Insole, Style:1.5cm

Size : S 35-40
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1. Function: Increase
2. Material: Velvet+Memory Foam+PU
3. Design and color: printing
4. Size: 1.5cmS size 26x8.5x2.1cm, 1.5cmL size 29x9x2.1cm, 2.5cmS size 26x8.5x2.4cm, 2.5cmL size 29x9x2.4cm, 3.5cmS size 26x8.5x2.8cm, 3.5cmL size 29x9x2. 8cm, 4.5cmS size 26x8.5x3.3cm, 4.5cmL size 29x9x3.3cm
5. Weight: 1.5cmS size 130g, 1.5cmL size 140g, 2.5cmS size 150g, 2.5cmL size 172g, 3.5cmS size 170g, 3.5cmL size 192g, 4.5cmS size 192g, 4.5cmL size 225g
6. Suitable season: spring, autumn
7. Suitable shoe type: high state shoes
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