Solar Powered Bobble Head Dancing Toy Car Decoration Ornament Cute Hula Princess(Yellow)

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1. Cute and lovely hula princess.
2. Used as car internal decoration or exquisite beautiful gift.
3. Strong adhesive, decorate your car for r internal decorationa long time.
4. Solar powered shaking the head dancing toy, your close and funny car fridends and playmates.

Product Size Height: 10 cm Base Diameter: 6 cm
Product Weight 22 g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.09kgs / 0.21lb
Qty per Carton 60
Carton Weight 5.04kgs / 11.11lb
Carton Size 51cm * 36cm * 37cm / 20.08inch * 14.17inch * 14.57inch
Loading Container 20GP: 392 cartons * 60 pcs = 23520 pcs
40HQ: 911 cartons * 60 pcs = 54660 pcs

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