Silicone Bicycle Seat GEL Mountain Bike Saddle Bicycle Seat Saddle

Colour : Black Yellow
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1. Weight: about 560 grams
2. Size: about 28x16 cm
3. Material: PU leather + silicone + foam pad
4. Application: mountain bike

1. The front narrow side is round, and both sides are widened, so as not to hinder the thigh pedal
2. Hollow air guide, comfortable and breathable, long-term sitting is not stuffy
3. Thick silicone, soft and comfortable, fully covering the surface of the car seat, shock absorption and cushioning more comfortable
4. Streamlined design to reduce wind resistance
5. The base adopts an arc design to reduce shock and increase cushioning
6. Surface bee net design, increase friction, effective anti-skid, comfortable touch, wear-resistant and tear-resistant
7. Waterproof surface, not afraid of rain
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