Racing Hydraulic Drift Handbrake Vertical Lever Long Handle Locking Device Hydraulic Drift Brake

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1. This hydraulic handbrake kit is a high-quality aftermarket hand brake that is essential for any drift or rally vehicle. This is a universal product that can be installed in any vehicle and is designed specifically for track or drift.
2. The drift of the handbrake allows the rear tire to be totally locked and will cause your vehicle to slide to the side. The handbrake lever can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position for easy access while driving.
3. Made of high quality machined aluminum.
4. Allows the rear tires to be totally locked and makes the vehicle side way slide.
5. Direct replacement for the e-brake handle.
6. Lever is designed to be installed in vertical or horizontal position to facilitate personalized access in drift.
7. Reinforcement design.

Material Plastic, Metal
Size 47*25cm
Weight 1385g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 3.41kgs / 7.52lb
Qty per Carton 6
Carton Weight 20.00kgs / 44.09lb
Carton Size 50cm * 35cm * 25cm / 19.69inch * 13.78inch * 9.84inch
Loading Container 20GP: 609 cartons * 6 pcs = 3654 pcs
40HQ: 1414 cartons * 6 pcs = 8484 pcs

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