PVC Adult Children Thick Vertical Inflatable Punching Bag Tumbler Inflatable Boxing Column, Height: 1.6m

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1. Material: PVC
2. Size: height is 1.6 meters, diameter is 60 cm
3. Food grade PVC raw material, free of harmful chemical substances
4. The bottom is filled with water to hold sand, rice, or other particles to keep it stable, and the cylinder is light and elastic.
5. Buffer structure, soft material, no need to wear gloves when using, not easy to get injured
6. Easy to inflate and deflate, foldable after deflation, easy to carry
7. How to use: Fill the bottom air chamber with water or rice (the more the better, the more stable it is, don’t lift it up and drop it, or kick it against the water-filled part), then fill the upper air chamber with full air (don’t Pull out the lower plug after inflation)

Shipped without inflation, inflatable tools need to be purchased separately
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