Protective Decoration Bright Surface Car Light Membrane /Lamp Sticker, Size: 195cm x 30cm (Matte Black)

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1. PVC material
2. Waterproof, block sun light
3. Protective & decorative
4. Used in car tail lights to change your light color

Types Lamp Sticker
Material PVC
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.17kgs / 0.37lb
Qty per Carton 100
Carton Weight 14.50kgs / 31.97lb
Carton Size 32cm * 35cm * 35cm / 12.6inch * 13.78inch * 13.78inch
Loading Container 20GP: 680 cartons * 100 pcs = 68000 pcs
40HQ: 1579 cartons * 100 pcs = 157900 pcs

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