Outdoor Hiking Camping Wood Stove Set With Cutlery

Color : Fruit Green Handle
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1. Cookware material: anodized aluminum alloy, size: height about 16cm, diameter about 14cm
2. The wood stove is made of stainless steel, the height after assembly is about 21cm, and the diameter of the bottom is about 11.5cm
3. Cauldron, the standard scale is 1000ml, and it can be filled up to about 1300ml
4. Small pot (can be used as a lid), the standard parameter is 500ml, filled up to about 600ml
6. Single set product weight: about 810g
7. Single set size: 14.5 x 17 x 14.5 cm
8. Product includes: big pot x 1, small pot x 1, wood stove x 1, bamboo and wood spoon x 1, three-piece stainless steel knife and fork spoon x 1, quick hanging buckle x 1, food grade PP material bowl x 3, soup Spoon x 1, loofah flesh (for cleaning) x 1, English manual x 1
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