Outdoor Camping Water Purifier Set Dual Filter Camping Adventure Water Filter

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1. Size: 21x2.5 cm
2. Weight: 90g
3. Set includes: water purifier, water bag, washer, hose. Carabiner.
4. Four-stage filtration system! The water filter contains no chemicals, batteries and moving parts.
5. Quickly quenches thirst: it has high traffic.
6. Easy to use: insert it into water and drink directly.
7. The safest: can remove bacteria and viruses, can eliminate 99.99%.
8. Spit out the first spit.
9. Filtered water do not collect salt water and chemically contaminated water.
10. Do not place in a microwave oven.
11. Please use clean water as much as possible, because sewage is more likely to block the filter and affect the service life.
12. Scope of use: travel, outdoor sports, fitness, camping, lifesaving emergency, field adventure, marching operations, underground mining and other outdoor activities necessary tools for outdoor drinking!
13. Method of use: absorb water with your mouth. After use, absorb or dry the water, cover it and place it in the case.
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