KH-05 Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker LBS Locator, Built-in Shock Sensor & Microphone

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1. Mini size LBS locator adopt MTK 6260 main control chip, use latest three base station locating technology delivering more accurate locating position, suitable for car, motorcycle, etc.
2. ABS fire-proof material case can be stable and durable, easy to install and operate, safe to use
3. Support GSM four frequency bands, universal in the worldwide, realize real time locating and tracking, support tracks playback
4. Support SMS and PC platform tracking
5. Support mobile phone APP remote control, compatible with for Android / iOS system
6. Support WAP tracking
7. Built-in shock sensor, realize vehicle motion alarm and anti-theft alarm
8. Built-in spare battery for illegal shear line alarm
9. Built-in high sensitivity microphone for remote sound pick up

Model KH-05
Material ABS
Network GSM, GPRS
Bands GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS Standard Class 12, TCP/IP
GPS Accuracy 50-100m
Voltage DC 9-38V
Standby Current 0.2mA
Operation Temperture -30 to +70 Degree Celsius
Humidity 20-80 percent non-condensing
Size 50*35*10mm
Weight 26g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.08kgs / 0.17lb
Qty per Carton 80
Carton Weight 5.80kgs / 12.79lb
Carton Size 40cm * 30cm * 24cm / 15.75inch * 11.81inch * 9.45inch
Loading Container 20GP: 925 cartons * 80 pcs = 74000 pcs
40HQ: 2149 cartons * 80 pcs = 171920 pcs

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