Jumping Shoes Bounce Shoes Indoor Sports Rebound Shoes, Size: 39/41

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1. Material: shoe shell TPU, spring TPE, inner mesh cloth + PU synthetic leather
2. Load capacity: 20-110 kg
3. The inner sleeve is made of mesh cloth and PU synthetic leather, which softly wraps the feet
4. The shoe buckle is made of modified TPU material, which is softer than the TPU of the shell and can effectively fix the tightness
5. TPE spring design, with good support and pressure resistance, and strong bounce
6. The bottom plate fixing clip prevents the bottom plate from being loosened by external forces and protects the bottom plate
7. The bottom plate is made of TPR material, which has good elasticity, wear resistance and anti-skid
8. The bounce bottom plate has a large bearing range, and the bounce stroke is long and soft and flexible, which makes people experience the feeling of space walking
9. The rigid and flexible vibration of the spring board will generate pulse waves, which are transmitted to the bone growth nerves and promote blood circulation
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