High Strength Nylon Tow Ropes Racing Car Universal Tow Eye Strap Tow Strap(Black)

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  • Item Length:26cm
  • Material :Nylon
  • Item Type:Towing Ropes
  • Item Width:5CM
Features and Benefits:
This high strength nylon tow strap can prevent or reduce the vibration between the 2 vehicles when towing.
A good solution to solve your car breaks down on the way!
Ideal for towing your car at low speeds on track day (Intended for track use only)
Easy to install and use

Dimensions& Material:
Load bearing: about 2 tons
Diameter of installation hole: 14mm
Material: nylon strap & metal bracket

Package Included:
1x tow strap.
1x Screws .

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.30kgs / 0.67lb
Qty per Carton 49
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 36cm * 18cm * 18cm / 14.17inch * 7.09inch * 7.09inch
Loading Container 20GP: 2286 cartons * 49 pcs = 112014 pcs
40HQ: 5307 cartons * 49 pcs = 260043 pcs

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