Heel Fatigue Shock Absorption And Warmth Gel Protective Cover, Size:S, Style:with Printing

Colour : Black
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1. Material: OK cloth, T cloth, SBR, SEBS pad
2. Function: shock absorption insole
3. Weight: S size 55g, L size 65g
4. Size: S size 9.5x10x4.5cm, L size 11x10.5x4.5cm
5. Suitable shoe type: sports shoes, casual shoes
6. Suitable seasons: summer, winter, spring, autumn
7. With hook and loop fastener design, the intensity can be adjusted freely
8. Reinforced stitching, exquisite and meticulous workmanship, comfortable and not grinding feet, firm stitching
9. SBR, also known as styrene butadiene rubber, is a kind of synthetic rubber foam with fine, soft, flexible and excellent shock resistance and waterproof performance.
10. SEBS is saturated SBS, non-toxic, with good stability, aging resistance, heat resistance, high elasticity and no deformation when compressed
11.OK cloth, smooth hair, wear-resistant, not easy to fluff, good air permeability, good bonding effect
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