Foldable Stainless Steel Dip Net Head Fishing Net, Specification: Solid 45cm Big Mesh

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1. Material: stainless steel, nylon
2. Purpose: for fishing
3. Screw specification: 8mm
4. Diameter: about 40/45/50 cm
5. Depth: about 40 cm deep for dense glued meshes and 65 cm deep for large meshes
6. Weight: about 310 grams for 40 cm, about 350 grams for 45 cm, and about 390 grams for 50 cm

1. Foldable solid mesh ring, metal material, strong and durable
2. The connection of the net bag is delicately sewn, and it is not easy to open the thread and break the thread
3. The connection at the interface is strong and tight, and the mesh ring is not easy to fall off
4. 8mm universal screw interface, stainless steel material, not easy to rust, suitable for most dip net poles
5. Portable mesh head design, easy to replace, foldable, easy to carry
6. The folds are reinforced with rivets, beautiful and firm
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