Fixed Mobile Speed Measurement Integrated Machine CT Laser Radar Electronic Dog Built-in GPS / Glonass Data

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1. The radar module is based on a high-performance STMICROELECTRONICS processor with signal sensitivity platform (SSP) technology.
2. A special algorithm INTELLECT RADAR for detecting all types of radars.
2. Built-in GPS/Glonass data bases are located in many countries and regions, the Russian Federation (including Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine).
4. X signal filter-DOBONDA developed technology can significantly reduce the number of false alarms of equipment.
5. The long-range ultra-sensitive module increases the potential of radar detectors in the detection range of police radars (including low-power radars), including rear detection.
6. SMART mode-change the sensitivity according to the current dormitory of the car.
7. Speed calibration: If you find that the DOBONDA speed reading is different from the speedometer reading of car, you can select the appropriate speed correction parameters. Calculate speed based on GPS.
8. Mobile ambush full frequency speed measurement: X.KU.LASER.K.KA.CT, pulse radar scanning, 360-degree high-sensitivity laser reception.
9. The wireless module can detect Strelka, Cordon, Chris, Chris-P, Spark, Radis, Arena, Binar, GoldenEagle, Falcon, VKS, Barrier-2M, PKS-4 and Vizir radars.
10. Detect LISD, AMAT, POLISKAN cameras.

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