Fish Control Fish Catch Fish Lure Clamp Fish Pliers, Style:Luya Pliers

Color : Blue
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1. Weight: Luya pliers 90g, fish control 208g
2. Dimensions: Luya pliers are 17.5 cm long, with a maximum opening of 5 cm at the front, a maximum opening of 12 cm at the rear, and a fish control 29×4.4 cm
3. Material: aviation aluminum
4. Uses: pick hook and take hook, open loop trimming, control fish clip fish, bite lead clip
5. Features: waterproof and antifouling, smooth and easy to use, with high elasticity missed rope, linked metal carabiner, to prevent loss, sharp edge, open loop, lightweight, time and effort saving, wear and corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, high hardness , Rubber non-slip handle, comfortable to hold, not hurt fish mouth clip, strong and strong, single hand buckle, easy to catch fish, versatile, strong and durable
6. Description: Luya pliers with pliers can be hung on the waist, easy to take and place, the fish control device has a built-in tension scale, which can weigh 15 kg
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