D12C Multi-function Intelligent Remote Control Nest Ship Fishing Bait Boat

Plug Type : EU Plug
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1. The remote control distance can reach about 500 meters
2. The route can be automatically calibrated during the driving process to keep the hull sailing straight
3. Streamlined hull design reduces drag and increases sailing speed
4. The two independent nesting bins can be operated separately, with a large amount of bait, can carry about 1.5 kg, and can carry various feeds and hooks
5. There are two night lights on the front and rear, which can be used normally when driving at night.
6. Can be used in rivers, lakes, sea areas, etc.
7. Material: ABS plastic
8. Battery capacity: 7.4Vx5200mAh
9. Dimensions: 550x267x172mm
10. Weight: 1.8kg
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