D110 Car Android Navigation Machine Support Mobile Phone Interconnection / Steering Wheel Control

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Basic parameters:
1. System: Android 10.0 Car Edition
2. Audio frequency: FM 87.5~108MHz
3. Radio IC: Integrated chip
4. Power amplifier IC: YD7388
5. Output Power: 60Wx4
6. Operating Voltage: 12~14.4V
7. Operating temperature: -10~60 degree Celsius
8. Bluetooth Version: 4.0
9. Wifi frequency: 2.4G frequency band
10. GPS signal: GPS
11. Remote Control: Silicone button 12 keys
Performance parameter:
1. CPU: A7 1.3GHz x 4
2. Running memory: DDR3 1G
3. Storage memory: 16G
4. Display resolution: 600x1024
5. Screen size: 10.1inch
Size parameters
1. Panel size: 178mmx100mm
2. Host depth: 45mm
Function parameter:
1. MirrorLink: Support (Apple/Android)
2. Reverse image: Support (camera option)
3. Play video warning: support
4. Steering wheel controls: Support key learning
5. Video output: support
6. Offline map: support
7. Front AUX IN: support
8. Driving recorder: Support (USB signal input)
9. Car logo replacement: support
10. Front USB1: USB flash drive (USB2.0)/MirrorLink
Front USB2: Charge only (5V/1A)
Rear USB1: USB flash drive (USB2.0)/MirrorLink
RCA port parameters:
1. Audio output: 2 channels (left channel + right channel)
2. Audio input: 2 channels (left channel + right channel)
3. Video output: 1 way
4. Video input: 2 channels (1 sync RCA IN & 1 sync AUX IN)
5. Reversing video input: 1 way
Format parameter:
1. Audio format: MP3/WMA/WAV/APE/FLAC
2. Video format: RM/RMVB/AVI/MP4/MKV/3GP
3. Image Format: JPG BMP PNG
Language parameter: Indonesian/Malay/Czech/Danish/German/English/Spanish/Filipino/French/Croatian/Italian/Latvian/Lithuanian/Hungarian/Dutch/Norwegian Bokmal/Polish /Portuguese/ Romanian/ Slovak/ Finnish/ Swedish/ Vietnamese/ Turkish/ Greek/ Bulgarian/ Russian/ Ukrainian/ Hebrew/ Urdu/ Arabic/ Persian/ Indian Local/ Bengali/ Thai/ Khmer/ Korean/ Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ Japanese

Certificate CE
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.33kgs / 2.93lb
Qty per Carton 8
Carton Weight 11.62kgs / 25.62lb
Carton Size 56cm * 48cm * 38cm / 22.05inch * 18.9inch * 14.96inch
Loading Container 20GP: 261 cartons * 8 pcs = 2088 pcs
40HQ: 606 cartons * 8 pcs = 4848 pcs

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