Carbon Telescopic Luya Rod Short Section Fishing Throwing Rod, Length: 2.4m

Colour : Curved Handle
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1. Material: carbon
2. Applicable places: rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans
3. Length: 1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7/3.0/3.3/3.6m
4. Number of knots: 5 knots of 1.8m, 6 knots of 2.1/2.4m, 7 knots of 2.7/3.0m, 8 knots of 3.3/3.6m
5. Weight: about 120g for 1.8m, about 138g for 2.1/2.4m, about 165g for 2.7m, about 171g for 3.0m, about 203g for 3.3m, and about 213g for 3.6m.

1. Reinforce the large guide eye of the top ring, with a guide ring and rod guard cap to protect the guide ring from bumps
2. One-piece metal reinforced wheel seat
3. Ceramic guide ring, wear-resistant and durable
4. The connection is tight and the bearing capacity is good
5. The short section is portable, and the grip feels comfortable
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