Car Seat Storage Net Pocket Car Storage Bag Multi-Function Suspended Storage Bag, Colour: Simple Black White Line

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1. Material: leather
2. Weight: about 295 grams for simple models, about 403 grams for upgraded models, and about 336 grams for thicker models
3. Opening size: about 40.5x26x14 cm for simple models, about 48x26x11 cm for upgraded models
4. Purpose: to store sundries in the car
5. Scope of application: bags, drinks, snacks, water cups, umbrellas, tissues, computers, etc.
6. Features: The material is safe and odorless, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, easy to clean, large capacity, easy to take, storage items will not affect the use of the central control armrest box, simple installation, durable
7. Note: Side opening, double opening, sports armrest box or models without armrest box cannot be installed
8. Installation method: open the armrest box between the two chairs, pass the headrest iron post (fix the first buckle), pass the strap through the second buckle (fix the second buckle), and hang the bottom hook to the seat Just under the chair
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.32kgs / 0.71lb
Qty per Carton 92
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 90cm * 63cm * 56cm / 35.43inch * 24.8inch * 22.05inch
Loading Container 20GP: 83 cartons * 92 pcs = 7636 pcs
40HQ: 194 cartons * 92 pcs = 17848 pcs

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