BL-003 USB Car Air Purifier Bluetooth Speaker Potted Purifier(Blue)

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1. This is a plantable air purifier
2. Internal touch sensor, smoothly receiving touch information
3. It can be connected to Bluetooth, the speaker outlet is at the bottom, and the sound quality is loud
4. Built-in sensor, touch the outer edge to play music
5. Speaker specifications: diameter 50mm 3 ohms
6. Frequency response range: 20-20KHz
7. Bluetooth transmission distance: 10m
8. Battery capacity: 500mAh
9. Anion concentration: 5 million
10. Working voltage: 3.7V
11. Charging frequency: USB 5V
12. Charging time: 3-4 hours
13. Use time: 10-12 hours
14. Product size: 134x134x155mm
15. Note: Plants and soil are not included in the shipment

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.43kgs / 0.94lb
Qty per Carton 18
Carton Weight 9.56kgs / 21.08lb
Carton Size 34cm * 44cm * 44cm / 13.39inch * 17.32inch * 17.32inch
Loading Container 20GP: 405 cartons * 18 pcs = 7290 pcs
40HQ: 940 cartons * 18 pcs = 16920 pcs

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