BJ600 600W Multi-functional Motorcycle Bluetooth Modified Audio Amplifier, Support FM & Wired Control(Silver)

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1. 100% brand new and high quality.
2. Easy to install.
3. Low power consumption.
4. Multi-functional, support FM, Bluetooth.
5. IP56 waterproof(Speaker only)

Material Aluminum alloy
Power 4*60W
Maximum output power 1000W
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
SNR >50dB
Channel separation >50dB
Package Weight
One Package Weight 2.11kgs / 4.66lb
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 12.10kgs / 26.68lb
Carton Size 44cm * 42cm * 42cm / 17.32inch * 16.54inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 343 cartons * 10 pcs = 3430 pcs
40HQ: 797 cartons * 10 pcs = 7970 pcs

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