Bicycle Seat Saddle Bicycle Seat Car Seat

Colour : Red
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1. Weight: about 325 grams
2. Size: about 27x20x6 cm
3. Material: rebound polyurethane, rebound seat leather, steel bow
4. Applicable seat tube: double track/clamp seat tube
5. Applicable models: bicycles, folding bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, etc.

1. The middle groove design is comfortable and breathable, reducing pressure
2. Double spring design at the bottom, high elasticity and shock absorption, high rigidity, strong bearing capacity, elasticity when the cushion is stressed, and it can stretch freely
3. Precise and firm double wiring, neat and wear-resistant
4. The surface fiber leather is resilient, soft and comfortable, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant
5. The front end is narrowed, and the transition design on both sides is rounded, which does not rub the thighs, suitable for long-distance riding
6. The back side of the seat cushion is designed with rounded convexity, filled with high-density punching sponge, cushioning and shock absorption, and large elasticity
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