Aerial Yoga Hammock 7 Ring Extension Belt Nylon High-Strength Double Belt Hammock Strap, Length: 1.1m

Specification : Red
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1. It adopts thick nylon material, which has large bearing capacity, strong pulling force and good wear resistance.
2. Double-layer design, double the load-bearing strength.
3. Four thickened car lines, the wires are fine and uniform, safe and secure.
4. Pull ring design, super load bearing.
5. Scope: aerial yoga, outdoor climbing, downhill, aerial work, etc.

Product specifications:
1. Product size: 110cmx1.6cm.
2. Weight: 85g.
3. Number of rings: 7+2 rings.
4. Ribbon breaking force: 15KN, single hanging ring pulling force: 3KN.
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