A5565 6 PCS Car Door Lock Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL JLU 2018-2019

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1. Made of ABS, with stable performance and long service life.
2. The unique door lock cover can effectively protect your lock from damage. They can decorate the door and hide the latch bolt, which is very suitable.
3. Black-painted metal buckles make the appearance cleaner and reduce friction.
4. Installation position: car door buckle
5. Material: ABS
6. Installation aperture: 10mm
7. Applicable to Jeep Wrangler JL JLU 2018-2019 / 2020 Gladiator JT
Compatible with
Jeep:  Wrangler JL
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.04kgs / 0.10lb
Qty per Carton 68
Carton Weight 3.50kgs / 7.72lb
Carton Size 38cm * 32cm * 28cm / 14.96inch * 12.6inch * 11.02inch
Loading Container 20GP: 783 cartons * 68 pcs = 53244 pcs
40HQ: 1818 cartons * 68 pcs = 123624 pcs

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