A5283 Car Gear Shift Handle Button Repair Kit 54133-SDA-A01 for Honda Accord 2003-2005

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1. It has the function of locking gears to prevent the driver from accidentally shifting gears.
2. Made of ABS and steel, it has stable performance and long service life.
3. Easy to install-replacement is relatively simple and no special tools are required.
4. OE: 54132SDAA01
5. Installation position: installed on the shift lever handle
6. Material: ABS+metal
7. Suitable for Honda Accord 2003-2005
Compatible with
Honda:  Accord
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.03kgs / 0.07lb
Qty per Carton 80
Carton Weight 3.00kgs / 6.61lb
Carton Size 42cm * 38cm * 32cm / 16.54inch * 14.96inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 522 cartons * 80 pcs = 41760 pcs
40HQ: 1212 cartons * 80 pcs = 96960 pcs

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