8L 37-48W Car / Home Mini Refrigerator(Blue)

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1. This product is a refrigerated and fresh-keeping refrigerator, which has no freezing function and cannot store raw meat and ice cream.
2. The refrigeration can be about 22 degrees lower than the ambient temperature of use. If the ambient temperature of use is 30 degrees, the internal temperature of the refrigerator is about 8 degrees.
3. The higher the ambient temperature, the longer the cooling time will be.
4. Dual-purpose cold and hot: refrigerate in summer, heat and keep warm in winter, suitable for all seasons.
5. Using hydraulic fans, the noise of dual fans is lower than that of the main computer.

1. Capacity: 8L
2. Material: PP
3. Voltage:
Car: 12V
Household: 220V
4. Heating temperature: 65 degrees Celsius
5. Refrigeration temperature: 22 degrees Celsius lower than the ambient temperature
6. Rated power: 37-48W
7. Line length:
Vehicle: 2 meters
Household: 1.5 meters
8. Dimensions:
External: 19.2 x 26.5 x 28.8cm
Inside: 14.5 x 14 x 26.5cm
9. Weight: 2.3kg

Package Weight
One Package Weight 2.83kgs / 6.23lb
Qty per Carton 6
Carton Weight 18.33kgs / 40.41lb
Carton Size 76cm * 74cm * 38cm / 29.92inch * 29.13inch * 14.96inch
Loading Container 20GP: 124 cartons * 6 pcs = 744 pcs
40HQ: 289 cartons * 6 pcs = 1734 pcs

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