4 PCS Stainless Steel T-Bolt Hose Clamps Pipe Clip Fuel Line Clip, Size: 57-65mm

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1. Used in securing hoses around pipes or for automotive use.
2. Made of premium heavy duty stainless steel material. Salt resistant, anti rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof, oil-proof. Clamps are sturdy, strong and reliable..
3. Package quantity: 4 PCS
4. Clamp assortment kit are flexible and ductile.
5. Wild usage: Clamps are used in securing hoses, pipe, cable, tube, fuel lines etc. Perfect to apply in automotive, industrial, boat/marine, shield, household etc. both indoor or outdoor.
6. Specification: 57-65mm
7. Width: 19mm
8. Thickness: 0.6mm
9. Bolt: M6

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.25kgs / 0.55lb
Qty per Carton 50
Carton Weight 13.60kgs / 29.98lb
Carton Size 42cm * 40cm * 36cm / 16.54inch * 15.75inch * 14.17inch
Loading Container 20GP: 440 cartons * 50 pcs = 22000 pcs
40HQ: 1023 cartons * 50 pcs = 51150 pcs

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