4 PCS Non-Slip Bottom Rubber Cooling Mat Pad Feet for Apple MacBook A1534

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1. Replace your faulty, cracked or broken bottom case rubber feet
2. Protect your laptop bottom case from wear and tear, extend its service life
3. Set including 4 pieces rubber feet, enough for you to use
4. Compatible with Apple MacBook A1534

Compatible with
Apple:  MacBook 12 inch A1534 (2015 - 2017)
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.01kgs / 0.03lb
Qty per Carton 1800
Carton Weight 14.40kgs / 31.75lb
Carton Size 32cm * 32cm * 27cm / 12.6inch * 12.6inch * 10.63inch
Loading Container 20GP: 964 cartons * 1800 pcs = 1735200 pcs
40HQ: 2239 cartons * 1800 pcs = 4030200 pcs

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