4 in 1 LED Goose Feather Material LED Light Durable Badminton

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Head Material:PU Cork
1. The LED light is installed on the back of the cork, with on/off button, touch switch light, IC control can be illuminated for 20 hours, badminton can be used in low light night.
2. Class A goose feathers, thick flakes, and more accurate badminton placement.
3. The glue is light and delicate, and it has a strong viscosity. It firmly adheres to each piece of feather and improves the resistance.
4. The hair rod is straight and thick and durable, not easy to break, evenly spaced, and the length is consistent, which makes the flight more stable.
5. Density coil, neat and tidy, work fine and beautiful, and improve flight stability.
6. Color: red, yellow, blue, green, 4/barrel, one for each color.
7. Size: 15x10x15 cm
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