3R-061 2 PCS Car Truck Blind Spot Rear View Wide Angle Mirror Blind Spot Mirror Blind Spot and Round Mirror, Size: 3.8*3.8cm

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1. Install on the side mirror for solve dead angle zone of sight perfectly.
2. You can adjust the angle of sight freely.
3. Designates the appropriate position.
4. Do not use it with other usage than its function.
5. After it is fixed, wait after 24 hours to get the best effect for attachment.

Material Plastic, Glass
Product Size 3.8*3.8cm
Product Weight 30g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.14lb
Qty per Carton 60
Carton Weight 3.56kgs / 7.85lb
Carton Size 28cm * 28cm * 27cm / 11.02inch * 11.02inch * 10.63inch
Loading Container 20GP: 1259 cartons * 60 pcs = 75540 pcs
40HQ: 2924 cartons * 60 pcs = 175440 pcs

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