213 PCS / Set Road Squid Hook Accessories Set

Color : 026 Orange Box
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1. Various specifications, easy to use and wide applicability
2. Storage in compartments, easy to take, easy to carry and store
3. Application: lure, rock fishing, sea fishing, etc.
4. Material: ABS box
5. Quantity: 213 pieces/box
6. Size: about 12.2x10.5x3.4 cm/box
7. Weight: about 248g/box

-1.5 lead bite x10
-No. 1.2 lead bite x10
-No. 1 lead bite x10
-0.8 lead bite x10
-No. 1 crank hook x5
-No. 2 crank hook x5
-No. 1/0 crank hook x5
-5g fast hanging lead x2
-7g fast hanging lead x2
-5g primary color lead hook x3
-No. 6 trigeminal center pass swivel x10
-No. 5 eight-character ring + enhanced pin x10
-No. 6 figure ring + enhanced pin x10
-Small pogo pin x10
-0.8x6 double circle x10
-3g lead crank x2
-Black oval space bean x6
-Red 6x6 stop bead x10
-White 6x6 retaining beads x10
-Green 6x6 retaining beads x10
-Yellow 6x6 stop bead x10
-Small red heart piece x10
-Gold sequins x3
-Silver sequins x3
-Small sea fishing space bean x10
-Medium sea fishing space bean x10
-Large sea fishing space beans x10
-15cm green steel wire x6
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