20 PCS Luya Front Wire With Pin Wire Anti-bite Wire, Size:15CM

Color : Black
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1. Material: high carbon steel
2. Size: The dimension of the page is the length of the line, not including the length of the two-end ring
3. Weight: about 0.7-0.8g
4. Features: Excellent steel wire, anti-bite and wear-resistant, strong and durable
5. The role of the front wire:
- Avoid instantaneous pulling, the main line will damage the main line after the friction between the main line and the guide ring
- Protect the front end of the main line from stinging obstacles after bait or medium fish
- Conceal the main line and reduce the alertness of the fish when they find the line
- It can offset the instantaneous pulling force that may appear after the middle fish, which acts as a buffer
- Marking function when retracting fishing lures to prevent fishing lures from hitting the leading ring of the fishing rod and hurting people
- The use of a reliable, higher-strength front wire increases the possibility of trying to choose a thinner main wire, which makes it easier to throw and let the bait fly further.
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