2 PCS 7W 210 LM 6000K DRL Daytime Running Light with 7 SMD-5050 Lamps, DC 12V(White Light)

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1. This light can be used to improve the degree of car identification when the environment is bad in the daytime.
2. Prevent you from danger in the foggy or rainny day.
3. Equipped with LED lights, low energy consumption, pollution-free and noise free.
4. Secure and reliable, long service time.
5. Brand new and high quality

Types Daytime Running Lights
Lamp Beads(pcs) 2*7pcs
Lumens(LM) 210LM
Emitter Types SMD-5050 LED
Wattage 7W
Light Color White Light
Color Temperature 6000K
Voltage (V) DC 12V
Product Size 18.4*1.5CM
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.16kgs / 0.35lb
Qty per Carton 150
Carton Weight 23.00kgs / 50.71lb
Carton Size 49cm * 32cm * 47cm / 19.29inch * 12.6inch * 18.5inch
Loading Container 20GP: 361 cartons * 150 pcs = 54150 pcs
40HQ: 840 cartons * 150 pcs = 126000 pcs

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